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Wood-Alternative Laminate

Choosing laminate floors as an alternative to wood can be a good move for your budget and for ease of cleaning. Ropposch Brothers Floor Coverings has a wide variety of laminate floor options that will make your life easier!


Though laminate makes an excellent wood alternative, sometimes it is actually the superior choice. If the area you plan to install the flooring in is frequently walked over or spilled on, laminate flooring will save you a lot of cleaning work.

Trained staff

If you're new to purchasing floor coverings or would like a little additional guidance in making your flooring selection, never fear. Our trained staff is equipped to share their knowledge and help you make the most informed selection.

Excellent laminate options

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Pay 0% interest for 12 months

With no minimum purchase, you could pay 0% interest for 12 months! This offer is for qualified buyers. Feel free to see our store or call us for details. For details on future incentives, please feel free to call.

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