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Vinyl Solutions

For some rooms, vinyl flooring is simply the right choice! Ropposch Brothers Floor Coverings has a large variety of vinyl flooring options for you to choose from.


Installing a vinyl floor can make keeping your bathroom, kitchen, or utility room clean a much easier task. Easy-to-clean doesn't have to mean boring. Choose a vinyl floor with interesting patterns, including florals and borders!

Vinyl choices

  • Mannington

  • Congoleum

  • IVC

Attractive and economic

No matter your home environment, a classy vinyl floor is an easy, attractive solution that will cost you less than other flooring types. If you're curious how vinyl may look in your home, take home a sample to do some comparisons! We install luxury vinyl tile instead of the typical linoleum roll.

Ask about warranties

Vinyl floors, and all other flooring sold with us, come with a manufacturer's warranty. Each warranty is dependent on the material's manufacturer, so contact us to ask for the warranty details for the flooring you select.

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